photofixerjoe   Restoring Your Memories

Here are a couple of images of a father and daughter out on a dive trip. Often times, the camera's light meter is greatly influenced by the brightness of the background, as it was in these two photos.  With a little effort, the lighting was balanced and a few other finishing touches added.

This level of restoration is in the $25 range.  See Services for detail on pricing..

Photo Retouching Services

Underwater pictures are great examples of how colors run amuck. Water reduces contrast, sharpness and filters out colors based on depth. The good news is the correct colors can be restored.  The better news is that you can get very creative with what the "correct" colors should be. Here is the before and after.


Many older color photographs, not just underwater pictures, shift their colors for many reasons. The main one is that they weren't washed enough during the printing process.  If the wash cycle was too short, chemicals were left behind and that causes a lot of problems later. That is why your pictures from the 60's, 70's and 80's are starting to get a bad color cast.  Color correction will usually cost around $25 and that price includes a large a small digital file.

Often an average photograph has a great photograph inside the original scene like the photo above.  Today's megapixel cameras allow us to crop photographs to make them more interesting.  I love the "painted" dogs of Africa, and was lucky enough to photograph a pack as they were waking up and preparing to hunt.  Cropping the image and doing some retouching produced an image I really enjoy. 


I've cropped a lot of photographs of kids playing that look good, and made them great.  Others that improve with cropping are action photos.  See if you have any that would benefit from some minor cropping and retouching.

This photo has some restoration and some retouching. Many photos that were printed  overseas were poorly processed.  Not washing all of  the chemicals out of the paper print causes color fading and shifting. 


This is a Marine Vietnam veteran and his friend from 1968.  All he had left to remember this important time in his life was this damaged   3 X 5 print. He now has several 8 X 10's and digital files.

This picture was taken by my wife with a Point & Shoot camera. You don't need a fancy camera to capture a great moment.  This is also true for cell phone photos. Some finishing will make a huge difference.  With a little work, good images turn into great images.  (By the way, look at the paw on this cub!)


This is another example of work that would be in the $25 to $50 range.  That price includes a large and small digital file so you cam print all the copies you want or share on social media. See my Services tab for pricing on high quality Archival printing.

The photo on the right is of two sisters taken in harsh sunlight.  The camera setting was completely off, causing an unnatural color.  The sister on the right was getting married and they liked this candid photo.


Below are two variations of the retouched photo, with a little glamour work via Photoshop.  The photo on the left is a little "warmer" and no soft focus effect.  The photo on the right is a little "cooler" with some soft focus applied.


Which do you like better?  This type of correction would only cost $25 per photo, and you would get a large and small digital file.