photofixerjoe   Restoring Your Memories

Here is a great picture of a beautiful young couple from Sugar Creek, Missouri that was taken in 1949.  At first glance the picture looks pretty good, but the problem was it was 2 inches by 2.5 inches or 5 square inches.  That is a very small original picture.  The client wanted a 5 X 7 enlargement, and was pleasantly surprised that we could go larger.  She opted for an 8 X 10 which is 80 square inches, or an enlargement of 13 times.


That level of enlargement brings out every flaw in the image.  There were many creases, spots, stains and scratches.  The image also needed to be sharpened which further magnifies the blemishes.   All in all, this restoration project was not very difficult and the client was very happy.


The customer had me print 5 copies for other family members, and also received a large and small digital file.  The small file could be e-mailed around the country and posted on social media.

This was an enjoyable project. The photo was in fairly good shape, and the main issue was mold. Most of it was not in strategic areas. The two men on the top left had it on their faces, as well as the little boy in the bottom row. The rest of the fixing was stuff that took time but still was fun.

Here is an image from the mid 1800's that had quite a few issues. The biggest problem is it looks like this and another image were stored for a long time, facing each other.   Add some moisture, and the images begin bleeding into each other.


If you look at the man in the upper left, you can see the outline of another cowboy across his legs.  Also, you can follow the outline of the roof of a house in the lady's face and more of it into the home.


The overall tone was faded in quite a few places, there was some damage on the little boy's face and the sky was dull.  Slowly but surely, each item was fixed and the restored image emerged.


I guarantee all my work.  You pay when the work is done, and only if you are satisfied with the results. 

Here is a picture from a turn of the century postcard that had a significant color shift and fading. There was minor damage to the photo, but the biggest surprise was the polka dots on the dress that were hidden in the color shift. The relative of the people in the picture told me the man lived from 1809 to 1903.  I would put the photo at around 115 years old.