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Composites combine multiple images in a unique way to tell your story in a single photograph.

This is Paul, a friend's son and a great athlete.  I took  the picture March 2015, at one of his wrestling meets. The original background was a nice clean (sterile) hallway at the school.

I removed him from the school background and used a photo I took in Alcatraz as a new backdrop. Paul is a tough competitor in a tough sport and needed a tougher setting.

Above, is me in my basement.  I took the photo on the left, of the Pacific Ocean, and inserted the above picture into the shot.  A little bit of work, some edginess and I have a fun composite.

This is a Composite of UFC fighter James Krause.  The pictures were taken at Glory MMA & Fitness, where James not only trains but is also the owner. There are 2 locations in the KC Metro area. I inserted the picture of James into the heavy bag room.  That picture was taken with a wide angle lens.  With a little work, the mood of both photos was made a bit more sinister, and combined to make the final image.

Below is a Composite I created using Kansas City area female MMA fighter Jade Chun.  The original picture was taken at Glory MMA & Fitness, where Jade and other KC area badass fighters train.  The background is a picture of an abandoned building I found in Asheville, NC. 

Photofixerjoe Photo Composites

Here's one where I had a little fun.  My wife and I were in Old Town San Diego where we stopped at a kiosk selling hats.  I tried this one on and it looked a little like the hat Heisenberg wore in the TV series, "Breaking Bad".  My wife took a picture with my cellphone. 

To make the Composite, I dug up a picture of a desert scene, found a picture of the van used in the show, and copied the smoke from a picture of a large chimney.  If you are keeping count, that is 4 separate pictures.  They were composited into my tribute to Breaking Bad.  Like I said, anything can be put together. 

Below, are  2 sets of Composites  with Anthony "Sharkbait" Gutierrez, an MMA fighter who trains and teaches at Glory MMA & Fitness.  The smaller picture immediately to the left was used in creating the first Composite.  The background in the picture on the right is a picture I took in the basement of Alcatraz Prison, a tough place which worked perfectly for a tough fighter.  Adding drama to the fighter and the background turned this into an interesting photo.


The second composite is a little more complicated because it includes the original picture, a new background, added smoke and rain.

Meet Paul Hernandez, son of my friend Jesse.  I think Paul participates in every known manly sport.  Recently, he has been tearing up the Judo circuit.  Now I see he is winning chess tournaments.  Watch out for this guy!  The original picture of Paul and the end result. 

The picture below left is the original photograph of Travis Conley.  Travis is the owner of Underground Gym and that is where the photo was taken.  I took some artistic liberty and created the image on the right. It is also made up of 3 images, the original photo of Travis, an empty warehouse and the 45 pound weight.  I also modified the warehouse photo by adding some drama and light flare.