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Photofixerjoe Black And White Conversion

My friend's daughter got married and I promised them a Black & White portrait of the bride.  I popped over to the home and, in in a few minutes, took the picture of the bride in the living room.  No flash or backdrop was used because I needed to get out of the official photographer's way.  The finishing work would be done later.  I "removed" the bride from the background and inserted my own.  This involved some Composite work and B&W conversion.  It takes some skill to remove a sold image, but check out the lace veil.  Removing a semitransparent object and the items behind it takes a little more skill.  The print I presented was 17 X 22.


Hey guys, if you want to make some points, this would make a nice anniversary gift.  Find that picture of your bride and let me turn it into a Black & White gift. 

There is just something about Black & White photo's, especially landscapes, that makes you stop and really enjoy looking at the scene.  Many dull and plain color photographs turn into fine art prints when converted into Black & White.  Adding a more dramatic sky also helps.

Oh yeah, pictures of Zebras also make for great Black & White conversions.  Actually, animal pictures, wild or domestic, work really great.


Let me convert your favorite picture of your pet into a B&W.  You will be glad you did.

There is no such thing as a bad baby picture.  But you can make some really good pictures great.  Also, adding a little blur directs all attention to the handsome little guy.

You know what types of images make the best B&W conversions?  Portraits!  Engagement portraits, baby pictures and the best ever - Brides in their wedding dresses.  Contact me and let me convert your important portraits into elegant works of art. 

This picture was taken off the coast of Seward, Alaska.  If it looks vaguely familiar, it's because the submarine segments from the movie, "Hunt for Red October", were shot here. The picture on the left is the original color photo.  Big difference?