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Photo Restoration Services

See me about saving your family's photographic history.  My guarantee.  It's the best you will find for restoration work.

These are images of me that were taken & processed in Vietnam in 1969.  Prints made from film require about 20 minutes of washing in water to be archival.  That never happened. That is true of most military photos, and also of many taken in the 50's.  The colors fade because of poor printing techniques. 

Whether you are a professional photographer, a serious amateur, or a point and shooter who fired off a great shot, I can help improve your image. I can custom print images up to 17" x 22" .


 An even larger print can be produced by taking your photo and digitally separating it into 2, 4, 6 or 8 pieces and printing each separate piece up to 17" x 22".   Think of the many wall sized mural possibilities using your favorite images!


My pricing includes a small digital file for social media, a high resolution file for anytime printing by you.  I also offer custom printing for larger sized prints.  Please see pricing under the Services page and get in touch with me through the Contact Us page. I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and Professional Photographers of America.

I started taking pictures when I was 13, way back in 1962. I used my dad's camera until I saved up enough money to buy my own at age 15. I was raised in the inner city of Chicago, and photography was the only subject that would get me inside a library. When I was 23, I walked into a camera supply store and told the man at the counter to get me everything I need to prepare a darkroom. Besides the chemicals and paper, I could only afford a cheap enlarger and trays to print 8x10's. That day I went home, sealed off a bedroom and about 3 hours later I had my first print. That was it - I was hooked on the printing side of the art.  


By 1987 I was working with a 4x5 camera. That's one of those big cameras with a bellows and you drape a hood over your head to block out the sun. I used this camera because it produced a single large negative which allowed greatest flexibility in the developing and printing process.  I reluctantly began transitioning into the world of digital photography and Photoshop about 12 years ago. That was a good move since digital photography, the digital darkroom, and image printing has far exceeded the capabilities of the film and wet darkroom processes. 


This may or may not surprise you, but any image you see in magazines has been edited, enhanced, and retouched. Some in a significant way, and the end result is an improved image. 


I would like to use my many years of printing experience to enhance and edit YOUR images.  To be clear, the service I am offering is editing and enhancing your photos, rather than photography shoots or sessions.