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 Examples of Restoration Projects

This hand painted photo of the little girl is from around 1905.  It was an oval photograph in an oval frame that used to have convex glass protecting the image. The frame and photograph were on the floor and someone dropped something on it, breaking the glass and damaging the print.

Originally, it was wet mounted onto a thick convex mounting board giving it a 3 dimensional look. The problem is that over the years the mounted picture and board became very brittle and bound together.  Any sort of pressure applied to the wrong area of the photograph would cause the print to crack. Whatever fell on this picture caused several cracks.

I haven’t mentioned that the girl in the picture was 17 inches from head to toe. The crack on the bottom right was almost ½ inch wide. The photo had smaller cracks, stains, scratches and faded areas. As the client and I removed the picture from the frame, it became very obvious just how brittle the picture and mounting board were. And the client made it very clear that whatever I did, I could not cause any more damage.

The client received a 16 X 20 print and an oval print that fit into the original frame as well a standard 16 X 20 print.  Everyone was very happy with the results.
One of the pilots in this great looking bunch only had a 3 1/2 X 5 inch print of this image.  He wanted this picture cleaned up and enlarged. It was a small snapshot that was faded, the focus was soft, and there was a large finger print on the upper left with a few spots and scratches. 

He now has larger print which he proudly displays in his office.  And more importantly, he has a permanent digital file.

Here is a picture from a turn of the century postcard that had a significant color shift and fading. There was minor damage to the photo, but the biggest surprise were the polka dots on the dress that was hidden in the color shift. The relative of the people in the picture told me the man lived from 1809 to 1903. I would put the photo at around 115 years old.

Overall, this image from the 1800's was in pretty good shape.  There were a lot of small things that required fixing, but there was no large damage to important areas of the photo.  The biggest problem was the stain on the bottom half of the blouse and most of the child's gown.  After that was fixed the background need some overhauling and we ended with a great image.

The owner of this picture was going to a family reunion.  He searched for an old family photo and found this turn of the century image.  It was faded, but you don't need a lot of the original image to be able to restore it to it's pristine state.  There was not enough of the background, so I looked for antique wallpaper on the internet, found what you see, and added it as the new background.

Everyone at the reunion was pleased and wanted a copy of the photo.
Here is an image from the mid 1800's that had quite a few issues.  The biggest problem was that it looks like this and another photograph were stored for a long time, facing each other.  Add some moisture, and the images bleed onto one another. If you look at the man in the upper left you can see the outline of another cowboy across his legs.  Also, you can follow the outline of a roof of a house in the lady's face and more of it on their home.

The overall tone was faded in quite a few places, there was some damage on the little boy's face and the sky was dull.  Slowly but surely, all issues were fixed, and a great image was brought back to life.

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