photofixerjoe   Restoring Your Memories

The above photograph was 3.25 inches by 2.25 inches.  It was taken in 1968 and has spent the last 40 plus years in a wallet.  It was one of a kind with negative.  It has been restored, 5 X 7 prints made and Digital files delivered.  It will now last forever.  Save yours before it is no longer possible.‚Äč

Photo Restoration Services

Don't forget, I can also REMOVE unwanted people.  Do you have a that great picture of you, friends and family but there is a certain someone that needs to be gone?

I can get rid of them and a court order is not needed. 

We all have photographs that need some TLC.  They don't have to be from the 1800's. 


You probably have some great shots with your best friend from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's where the color has shifted to an odd orange or red.  It is much more affordable to fix these then you think.


See my Services page for pricing information. 

(More Examples Below)

There are also times when you need to add someone to a photo.  The project below was, and is, one of my favorites.  The first group picture is a wedding day photograph of a family where each of the parents are bringing two children into the new family.  The picture was taken outdoors with a high end camera.  The boy in the picture on the right was unable to participate in the ceremony because of health reasons. It was important to mom and dad that he was included in the family portrait. His photo was taken indoors with a point and shoot camera.


After some blending and color manipulation and we end up with the family portrait.  What's most important was that mom was very happy.

Sometimes,  a restoration means removing someone from an otherwise great picture of you.  You know, an ex-spouse, girlfriend, your kid's old flame.  This type of project not only means removing someone, but the rebuilding of the background.


The picture below is of a brother and sister who do like each other and was only used for illustrative purposes.  Contact me if you need someone "removed". 

The owner of the picture below was going to a family reunion.  He searched for an old family photograph, and found this turn of the century image.  It was faded, but you don't need a lot of the original in order to restore it to it's pristine state.  The background was completely washed out, so I looked around on the internet for similar background wallpaper, found what you see and added it to the restored photograph. 


Everyone at the reunion was pleased and wanted a copy.

Overall, the photograph below from the 1800"s was in pretty good shape.  It did require photo restoration and photo repair, but there was no severe damage to important areas.  The biggest challenge was the stain on most of the baby's gown and the bottom half of the lady's blouse. Once that was fixed, the rest was cleaning up rips, tears, missing pieces and enhancing the background.